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My Stock Portfolio - Are These the Best Shares to Buy Now

My Stock Portfolio - Are these the Best Shares to Buy Now

Since I started UndervaluedEquity.com back in 2011, I prioritised adding content in the My Due Diligence section. By publishing most of my research about stock market investing, I have created a perfect reference guide for my own investment analysis, which can be used by you - free of charge - too!

As the year 2015 has just started, I believe it's about time that I share my stock portfolio with you. After giving it a lot of consideration, I decided to share this information with you - for free - too!

However, please keep in mind that until today I have only earned around 250 euros through the Google Adsense advertising network, since the start of UndervaluedEquity.com. Therefore, if you would like me to keep providing updates about my stock portfolio, you have to consider to support me, as nothing in life is really for free ...

As soon as I can free up my time, I will include the stock investment analysis reports so that you can exactly read why I choose to invest in these specific companies. Of course, in the meantime, you can also use the my due diligence chapter and find out for yourself why I decided to invest in these specific companies, instead of the ten thousands of other candidates.

My Stock Portfolio as of January 2, 2015

Company Name  Ticker  Stock Exchange  Currency  My Average Price  Market Price  % Market Value of My Stock Portfolio 
Alvopetro Energy Ltd  ALV  VENTURE  CAD  0.35  0.435 


Gryphon Minerals Limited  GRY  ASX  AUD  0.045  0.067 


IAMGOLD Corporation  IAG  NYSE  USD  2.61  2.81  ~34% 
IAG January 20, 2017 Call USD 1.00  IAG  NYSE  USD  1.85  1.96  ~12% 
Lightstream Resources Ltd  LTS  TSE  CAD  2.15  1.23  ~16% 
Levon Resources Ltd  LVN  TSE  CAD  0.25  0.24  ~12% 
Rhino Resource Partners LP  RNO  NYSE  USD  2.725  2.33  ~6% 
  CASH    ~3% + 
Total:    100% 

If you do not want to miss my portfolio updates, please make sure to leave your details in the name grab form on the support page, as I will always notify my subscribers first, before I will publish my adjusted stock portfolio on this page, or anywhere else.


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Jeroen Snoeks is the founder of UndervaluedEquity.com, a website for investors passionate about investing in undervalued stocks. Through UndervaluedEquity.com, he shares his experience and knowledge and will soon reveal his personal stock portfolio.

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