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Oil and Gas Companies Analysis - How to Invest in Energy Stocks

Oil and Gas Companies Analysis - How to Invest in Energy Stocks

In order to be able to analyse oil and gas companies it is necessary to have at least a basic understanding of the terminology used in the energy sector. It is also very convenient to be aware of the working methods relevant to the oil and gas companies. Therefore I have created the following pages so that you are able to conduct your own oil and gas companies analysis:

Page  Description 
Oil and Gas Exploration Companies  The 3 Phases of Oil and Gas Drilling Explained. To understand the working methods used by the oil and gas exploration companies, I have created this page to explain the 3 phases of oil and gas drilling.
Investing in Oil and Gas Companies  The Formula for Estimating Oil and Gas Resources. In order to help you with investing in oil and gas companies I explain the formula for estimating oil and gas resources on this page.
Oil and Gas Flow Rates  How to Determine if a Well's Daily Production Range is Fair. In the table on this page you will find typical daily production ranges for oil and gas companies for both onshore and offshore production wells.
Fracking Definition The Hydraulic Fracturing Process Explained. The hydraulic fracturing process can be best explained with this short video (2 minutes) about fracking natural gas, which you can watch on this page.
Resources and Reserves Definitions  The Relevant Terminology Used for Analysing Oil and Gas Companies. In order to understand the different resources and reserves definitions, used for analysing oil and gas companies, I have created this page as a reference.


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