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San Gold Corporation - Online Stock Investment Analysis Report - Table of Contents

San Gold Corporation - Online Stock Investment Analysis Report - Table of Contents

While I was analysing San Gold Corporation to determine if I should add it to my stock portfolio, I created the following content as part of my due diligence about the company. In each article of this stock investment analysis, I included my commentary and conclusion regarding that specific part of my due diligence for future reference.

General Stock Information

Page  Description 
San Gold Corporation - Company Profile  On this company profile page, I have included the company description to describe the company's activities and I included the basic corporate information. 
San Gold Corporation - Stock Chart and Share Statistics  On this page you will find an interactive stock chart of San Gold Corporation, including the company's key share statistics. 
San Gold Corporation - Condensed Company Balance Sheet as at March 31, 2014  On this page San Gold Corporation's condensed company balance sheet is shown as at March 31, 2014. 

My Preconditions for Selecting Undervalued Stocks

Article  Description 
San Gold Corporation - Fundamental Stock Analysis  As part of my fundamental stock analysis, I always first check if the stock complies with my 3 revealing ratio's for selecting undervalued stocks. 
San Gold Corporation - Insider Ownership Assessment  With this insider ownership assessment, I verify if management's interest is aligned with the interest of the common shareholders. 
San Gold Corporation - Country Risk Analysis  To determine if the company operates in a relatively safe jurisdiction, I have included a country risk analysis on this page. 

Detailed Stock Investment Analysis

Article  Description 
San Gold Corporation - Company Announcements Evaluation  In this company announcements evaluation, I comment on the company's latest investor presentation and their most relevant press releases. 
San Gold Corporation - Key Management Evaluation  In this key management evaluation, I assess if the company is led by an experienced management team that has been successful in the past. 
San Gold Corporation - Management Discussion & Analysis Evaluation  In the management discussion and analysis evaluation, I assess if the preset goals outlined in the previous MD&A's have been achieved. 
San Gold Corporation - Management Compensation Comparison  In this management compensation comparison, I compare management's compensation with the compensation paid at other relevant and similar companies. 
San Gold Corporation - Management Compensation Evaluation  In the management compensation evaluation, I explain how I compare the change in management's compensation to the change in the company's share price. 
San Gold Corporation - Insider Trading Analysis  In this insider trading analysis, I summarize the company's overall change in insider ownership for the period January 1, 2013 until July 12, 2014. 
San Gold Corporation - Institutional Ownership Analysis  In this institutional ownership analysis, I check how many of the company's shares are owned by institutional shareholders and mutual funds. 
San Gold Corporation - Stock Options and Warrants Analysis  In this stock options and warrants analysis, I check the effect on the insider ownership percentage, when all the relevant stock options and warrants are converted into common shares. 
San Gold Corporation - Short Stock Positions Analysis  In this short stock positions analysis, I check if a short squeeze can happen anytime soon, by calculating all three indicators for measuring the level of short interest. 


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